December 13 - 7:30PM
FirstOntario Concert Hall

Boney M Ft. Liz Mitchell

Holiday Favourites and Classic Hits

Liz Mitchell is a Jamaican born British singer who is most famous for being the voice behind Boney M, one of the UK’s most loved disco and reggae bands. Liz moved to London in 1963 with her parents and before long auditioned for a part in Hair. She then moved to Berlin as part of the German cast and took over the part from Donna Summer, before latterly joining the group Les Humphries Singers. It was around this time in 1976 that she got a call from Marcia Bennett to return to the UK and become a part of the band we know and love as Boney M.

The band has sold more than 100 million records worldwide and is known for international hits including "Daddy Cool”, Sunny", "Rasputin", "Mary's Boy Child – Oh My Lord" and "Rivers of Babylon". If you told Boney M star Liz Mitchell that her 1978 hit Rasputin would become an internet sensation in 2022, she would never have believed you. Almost nine million fans have created TikTok dance videos to the song – and they have been viewed an amazing 22 billion times. Boney M went 5x Platinum in Canada for Nigthflight To Venus record sales and double platinum for their Christmas album.