Core Entertainment offers outstanding and versatile facilities at the FirstOntario Centre arena, and the FirstOntario Concert Hall and The Studio theatres. Ranging from intimate spaces, to , that are as diverse as the  events we book.

Each venue can be personalized to meet the specific needs of an event, and is serviced by a dedicated team of staff who take pride in making each event a unique experience. Broad access to major and diverse concert audiences at each of these venues ensures excellent attendance across a wide range of concert events, and spectacular sound quality guarantees a live musical experience that exceeds all expectations.

FirstOntario Centre also welcomes venue rentals for ice use on non-event, and preperation days. Members of the public, are welcome to book the venue for hockey practice, games, family events, and corporate parties right on the FirstOntario Centre ice.

For Booking Inquiries at any Core Entertainment venue, email our Booking Manager.

For Ice Rental Inquiries at the FirstOntario Centre, email our Casual Ice Coordinator for next season's availabilities.

For more information our venues: