Are we live-streaming events inside a Core Entertainment venue?

No, virtual events hosted by our partners are not going to be live-streamed in Core Entertainment venues. 

Can I purchase tickets through the FirstOntario Insurance Broker's Box Office at FirstOntario Centre?

Need a ticket? Visit the ticket link to purchase your ticket. Tickets cannot be purchased physically at the FirstOntario Insurance Broker's Box Office at FirstOntario Centre. 

Why are tickets prices in USD?

These productions are produced by Passport Interactive, a US based entertainment company. As such, all prices are listed as US Currency.

Do I need to buy a seperate pass for each person in my house?

No. One pay-per-view pass allows you to connect with a single device, but you can invite you entire household to participate together for one affordable price.

Each ticket allows viewing on one device, so you can choose to enjoy the show ssolo or share the fun with the entire family.  Capacity is limited so get your tickets today before they’re gone! 

What kind of device do I need?

ou can connect using any computer or tablet with a camera and microphone. If you are new to Zoom, click HERE to test your device compatibility.

Am I required to interact?

While all of our shows are interactive and audience members are invited to participate, you can certainly choose to sit back and watch if you prefer.

Are the shows really live?

Yes!  Colin & Brad: Stream of Consciousness, and A (Virtual) Christmas with the Griswolds is produced by Passport Interactive, and  are performed entirely live.

I've seen shows on Facebook Live and Zoom before, is it like that?

Think of this as the high-end version of that. Yes, we use Zoom, but our shows are much more like an interactive TV broadcast than a webcam. In many cases we’re operating multiple cameras on our performers with advanced production value.  Everything is designed to create the most enjoyable entertainment experience for you and your family.

Do I need a special software or equipment?

Nope! You just need reliable internet access. All of our shows use Zoom, which you do not need to download or sign up for in order to participate. You simply click on the link and enter the code at showtime (these will be emailed to you prior to the performance).  If you haven’t used Zoom before you can test it on your machine in just a few seconds by clicking here.

What if my internet goes out?

No worries. If you have any technical issues let us know. We are almost always able to get you rescheduled for another performance.