September 25 - 7:30PM
The Studio

The Canadian Arabic Orchestra - Hawa Al Wedyan

From humble beginnings in 2009, and a duo performing to small groups of people, all this music, all this art, and all this culture that the Canadian Arabic Orchestra brings to the Canadian Arts scene, is because of the vision of two remarkable people, two people who had a dream, two people who followed their dream.

A dream to combine Arabic and Western classical music, to play the piano with the qanun, and build bridges of harmony and understanding among the rich cultural societal diversity in Canada and beyond, and send messages of peace an d love to the world.

With sheer dedication, this husband and wife team, managed to bring together an amazing group of artists from all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds, to create the family we now know as the Canadian Arabic Orchestra.

The Canadian Arabic Orchestra was founded by Lamees Audeh and Wafa Al Zaghal in 2014, it is now an established charitable organization, and a purveyor of fine music and arts in Canada, bringing joy to an ever growing number of fans in Canada.