July 3 - 7:00PM
FirstOntario Centre

Kapil Sharma

Get ready for peals of laughter unlike ever before!


What do you get when you put the Indian Comedy in a land that loves him as much as if not more than his own? America and Canada, you are now in for a treat of a lifetime!


From life experiences to out-of-this-world narratives that keep you on your toes and gripping the edge of your seat, Kapil Sharma and his legion of entertainers are coming your way and trust us: it’s bigger and better than you can imagine!


This isn’t a try-not-to-laugh-challenge.. rather, we welcome you to laugh your heart out and forget the rest of your troubles for a while on this tour. Never seen before content, courtesy the pandemic – if the last two years have left you in a little slump, this is the antidote: Humor, Laughter and More with the one and only, Kapil Sharma!