October 27 - 8:00PM
FirstOntario Concert Hall

The Beaches

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Following Friday’s announcement of their sophomore LP, Blame My Ex – set for release on September 15 – and earworm new single, Blame Brett, award-winning alt-pop four piece, The Beaches, excitedly announce their fall 2023 North American headline tour. After hitting the summer festival circuit, the band will head from coast to coast across Canada and the U.S. through October and November. See below for full details.
Known for their rousing live performances that invite their audience into their realm of intoxicating energy backed by an undeniable connection, The Beaches have opened for Avril Lavigne, The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Alanis Morissette, The Aces, Passion Pit, and the Eagles of Death Metal, as well as being guest performers at the She Rocks Awards in Los Angeles in April 2023. There is no denying their lure on the stage and in everyone's playlists, including the great Elton John, who declared, "love them, love them, love them!" They've sold out two hometown Toronto shows at History and received acclaim in Prelude Press, KUTX, Indie88, Exclaim, Under The Radar, CBC, Luna Collective, Raydar Mag, and Pop Sugar. The proof is in the plays with six #1 singles on Canadian Alt Radio, and their 2022 single Grow Up Tomorrow at #1 on Alternative & Rock radio in Canada for seven weeks.
With their new album, Blame My Ex, The Beaches crack their upbeat, brazen shell to reveal a more vulnerable inside. Eliza Enman-McDaniel (drums), Leandra Earl (keys/guitar), and sisters, Jordan and Kylie Miller (lead vocals/bass and guitar respectively) are letting a real-life heartache lead the way.

"It's a breakup album. The first time I'd ever been broken up with and my first heartbreak experience,” says lead singer, Jordan Miller. “I was going to dive into this relationship but it really was about heartache and redeeming yourself after losing the love of your life, and figuring out that you can find love in so many ways. You can find love from your friends, your family, from your band mates and from yourself. Also, it's about me putting myself back together and putting myself out there. It is an exercise in therapy and what happens to you after the love of your life doesn't want to be with you."

When the heart splits open, it unleashes all kinds of love; from platonic to queer and everything in between. The Beaches uncover it all on this album, while managing to keep it “equal parts silly party beaches, and heartbroken emotional girls,” says guitarist, Kylie Miller.
The band paired with executive producer, Lowell (Madison Beer, Nessa Barrett), JUNO-nominated producer, Gus Van Go (Arkells, Sam Roberts), and producer, Sam Willows (Ruby Waters), to maintain their electric spirit. They’ve been dead-set on focusing on songwriting and melody to channel their live energy into this album for a more authentic sound.
The album’s latest single, Blame Brett, is infectious from the onset, teasing just the briefest hint of Miller’s isolated vocals before the frenetic instrumentals explode into life behind her. Vibrant guitar riffs, a riveting bass line, and frantic percussion meld into an eclectic instrumental tapestry, shimmering with a satisfying urgency and angst. The track is unapologetically chaotic and shamelessly audacious, carving out a niche as a totally unique take on the break up anthem. But beneath the nonchalant facade there is a deep well of vulnerability and anguish. Miller is a femme fatale and a force of nature as she sings: “I’m sorry in advance / I’m only gonna treat you bad / I’m probably gonna let you down / I’m probably gonna sleep around.” 
“Blame Brett is a song with a little bit of a misleading title,” Jordan Miller says. “It’s not really about my relationship. It’s about feeling vulnerable and afraid to open your heart to someone new. I'm basically talking to my future partners, explaining that I can only offer something casual while my heart heals—a song for all the hot messes out there.”
Equal parts funny, scathing, and mournful, Miller, uses Blame Brett as a way to warn potential new partners that she will probably wreak havoc in their relationship due to the irreparable heartbreak of a past breakup. The accompanying music video plays upon the track’s flirty, hedonistic vibes, following the group as they rock out in colorful leather, cheerleader skirts, slinky lingerie, feather boas, and 90s sunnies. Listen to Blame Brett here and watch the video here.
With Blame My Ex marking their first independent album, and with their absolute creative control, The Beaches are ready to reveal their most earnest selves in their music!