April 7 - 8:00PM
The Studio

Whitesnake & The DIO Years Tribute

Whiskey Rose Tributes

with special guests Punishment

Whiskey Rose Tributes started in the late summer of 2014 and was formed with three members from a Toronto 80's indie recording band called Jett Black. The idea for this project was to navigate through various 80's rock super groups over time creating note-for-note high energy tributes to bring to the largest stages possible.

The center of each tribute is the strongest singers found locally to handle the material and the second show featured Darren James Smith who is currently the lead singer for Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel and also the drummer/vocals behind the band Harem Scarem. Darren came into the fold to cover the iconic album by Black Sabbath called Heaven & Hell which featured for the first time Ronnie James Dio. This tribute continues to this day but has expanded to include material from other bands of Ronnie James Dio including Rainbow, Black Sabbath and his solo career as DIO and has a new name called "The DIO Years".

The main guitarist Mark Atkins and drummer Gary Atkins are brothers who were actually three with a third and older brother back when recording and performing the local Ontario circuit as Jett Black.

Jett Black only recorded one album called Night Flight before disbanding while working on the second album which had some airplay along with some TV coverage of their only production video. The bass player Gunner San Agustin goes way back with the brothers from their high school days and rounds out the core driving force behind Whiskey Rose Tributes. Various other members are hired as second guitarists as needed but early on they did acquire a local keyboard player David Speck who completes the big sound needed to properly convey the power of 80's heavy rock.

To date, Whiskey Rose Tributes also known as WRt have covered Thin Lizzy, the Ozzy album Blizzard of Ozz, Scorpions, Judas Priest as well as DIO/Black Sabbath. The latest creation came in the fall of 2017 as a Whitesnake tribute. Four of these remain and are booking into 2018 (DIO, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Scorpions).