October 18 - 8:00PM
The Studio

The Bros. Landreth: Tour '87

with special guests

Winnipeg roots rockers The Bros. Landreth have shared a feel-good lead track, titled Got to Be You, from their highly anticipated sophomore record. The tune, co-written by Joey and Dave Landreth alongside longtime Zac Brown Band collaborator Wyatt Durette, is a light hearted earworm about being so over the moon in love with a knock-out human being. Love, however, is not a story often heard in the band’s musical catalogue of heartbreakers. Joey Landreth quotes “Whenever ideas like this come around, I usually let them fall by the wayside. I found myself in a room writing with Wyatt he asked if I wanted to go for lunch or try another tune? We ended up with Got to Be You, and also going for lunch. I brought it home to Dave and he made a few Dave-esque songwriting tweaks, and what you get is what you got!”

Before they were The Bros. Landreth, Joey and Dave were only looking for a good excuse to spend a little more time together. They had spent their respective early years backing up other artists and touring the world as hired musicians until one particularly long and challenging tour prompted Joey to call his older brother with a simple proposal. “When I get home, let’s sit down and make some noise together” was the call that would be the turning point – seeing them focus on their own roots rock sound that went on to be celebrated on their acclaimed debut album, Let It Lie.