September 21 - 8:00PM
The Studio


A Journey of Italian Music

As part of Festitalia 2018, inCanto’s 14-piece band will take you through a journey of the Italian music that captured the world on radio and in movies with the perfect blend of romance, passion and humour. From Puccini to Il Volo — including Pavarotti, Sinatra, Modugno and Mina — La musica Italiana è bellissima!

Producer Giuseppe Colonna grew up in a first-generation Italian family that immigrated to Canada. “This was a special generation of immigrants who knew when and how to celebrate, who had plenty of experience in taking the good with the bad. Even in hard times, they seemed to be able to find a hint of La Dolce Vita within their daily lives.”

“I will guarantee you that every song that we do will bring a memory back to your mind,” said Colonna.

Ontario-based inCanto was founded in 2017 to celebrate the music of Italy and its cultural influences in America from 1900 to the 1990s. The production focuses on material that dignifies Italian music.
The 2018 inCanto production includes 14 members assembled by Musical Director Bruce Tournay and visionary co-producer Giacomo Folinazzo: 3 vocalists, 2 backup vocalists, and 9 musicians. The show begins with an introduction and background to the music of Naples, or Le Canzoni Napoletane. The second act moves into America’s Italian Decade of 1947-64 and highlights the Crooners who dominated the pop charts of the time. Lastly, the production will showcase the music scene in post-war Italy, the influences of Italian music in the motion picture and television industries, and the rising popularity of Pop/Rock Opera groups like Il Volo.

This production of inCanto proudly sponsored by Jabenka Consulting (Gloria & Pat Mostacci).