March 25 - 7:00PM
The Studio

Helen Peacock

Spiritual Medium


Spiritual Medium Helen Peacock will host a live magical evening of messages from loved ones in spirit in the intimate venue The Studio.


Having an inexplicable intuition at a young age, Helen Peacock (a gift passed down three generations from her Scottish & Irish roots) always had a feeling that she was surrounded by loved ones and other spiritual beings. These moments occurred when she was mostly alone and feeling sad especially when her Granny passed away. Peacock knows that she needed to go through those sad times and challenges to help her become the person she is today. 

Having a fascination with the metaphysical world and the paranormal, Peacock would read all kinds of books and watch many films which guided her to seek teachings from the world’s foremost college for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences Author Findlay College in England.

Peacock has also studied at the Omega Institute in New York with world renowned John Holland and Janet Nohavec and most recently became Certified under the teachings of International Television star Psychic Medium Lisa Williams through her International School in Spiritual Development. Since then, through word of mouth Peacock has done many group and personal readings, fundraisers across southern Ontario and the greater Toronto area and loves every session.

Peacock’s mission is to use her gifts to help validate, enlighten, clarify, heal and bring understanding where it is most needed and wanted.

*Admission does not guarantee a message.