February 22 - 8:00PM
The Studio


The World's Most Authentic JOHNNY CASH Tribute

Paul Anthony is the world’s only Johnny Cash Tribute Artist invited by John Carter Cash to record the album ‘The Nashville Connection’ at Cash Cabin - Johnny Cash’s private recording studio in Nashville Tennessee with Johnny’s remaining musicians drummer W.S. “Fluke” Holland, bass player Dave Roe, lead guitar player Kenny Vaughan, and rhythm guitar player Chris Scruggs. CASH’s record, “Classic Johnny Cash  - The Nashville Connection”  was recorded live with two of Johnny's remaining musicians  drummer W.S. ‘Fluke' Holland and bass player Dave Roe along with Marty Stuart’s lead guitar player cousin Kenny Vaughan and rhythm guitar player Chris Scruggs (Earl Scruggs grandson).


Paul Anthony’s connection with the great talents of Johnny’s players and the beautiful friendships with Cash’s family and friends have helped Paul connect with the accuracy and authenticity of his tribute to the Man in Black. Today, Paul announces his return to The Studio stage in Hamilton on February 22, 2020.


Paul not only has the vocal sound of The Man in Black, Johnny Cash but has brought out heartfelt memories for his audience all over the country. Joining Paul in The Studio is sure to help audiences rekindle past memories and create new memories for another generation.