April 2 - 7:30PM
The Studio

Ben Caplan

& The Casual Smokers

with special guests Birds of Bellwoods

After constantly criss-crossing time zones, continents, and oceans, Ben Caplan has finally stopped long enough to deliver the first new music since his acclaimed 2011 debut, In the Time of the Great Remembering. Available to stream today “40 Days & 40 Nights” is just a taste of the blustery, raspy, fire-and-brimstone force of nature that is Ben Caplan and his upcoming album, Birds With Broken Wings.

"I think that a new album was probably due years ago," admits Caplan. "But whether or not I would have been able to pull it off the way I wanted to, that I don't know. I wanted to take my time and honour the process. There was a lot to learn. I wanted to make an album that was complex but with space for anyone to find their way into it. I wanted to collaborate with people who inspire me and find space for unexpected things. It takes time."

“When I wrote ‘40 Days & 40 Nights’, I fantasized about performing it with a full soul orchestra. In what seemed like an outlandish pipe dream, I reached out to funk trombone legend Fred Wesley to see if he could do the horn and string arrangements. I mean, if he was good enough for James Brown and Parliament Funk, I figured he'd be up to the task. I was amazed when he agreed to work with me! I couldn't be happier with how this track turned out.”

The Halifax-based songwriter is just wrapping up a short tour and has now announced an extensive North American tour, backed by his full band The Casual Smokers, to commence September 12 in support of his new album.